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If you want access to the Ready for R course materials, please join our mailing list. We will update you when material and videos become available.

Course Material Distribution

Here are some logistics about the online course.

This is an experiment, so please be patient with me and with yourself. I know that a lot of you really want to learn R, but please know that I am only one person. But I want to help you learn.

This course is based on a course I am giving at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). That course is only open to OHSU students. I will be trying to share as much of the course materials as I can.

  1. Code of Conduct. This class is governed by the BioData Club Code of Conduct: This class is meant to be a psychologically safe space where it’s ok to ask questions. I want to normalize your own curiosity and fuel your desire to learn more. If you are disruptive to class learning or disparaging to other students, I may mute you from the Slack for the day. I am very serious about this.

  2. Website. Most of you have found the website. If not, it is here: I will be posting readings and responses to questions there. It’s not quite completely ready yet, be patient.

You can read about the course learning objectives here:

  1. RStudio Cloud. The course will be deployed via RStudio.Cloud. RStudio Cloud is a web-based instance of R/RStudio that you can use for free and that I use for teaching. You can sign up here: Later this week I will send an invite to the mailing list to join the Ready for R RStudio Cloud workspace.

  2. Video Releases. I will be trying to release videos of each class the weekend after the OHSU class (the first class is April 9). Please be aware that I am just one person and that I will try to get these out as fast as I can.

  3. Slack Workspace. I will be sending invites later this week to a slack workspace. I will do my best to field questions and answers there. However, please be aware that I am only one person. The R for Data Science community is a great place to ask questions:

  4. Alternatives. This is not the only intro to R course out there. There is another course that I suggest: David Keyes’ R for the Rest of Us course:

David is a great instructor, and his course is free and excellent. In fact, I suggest that you take a look at his material if you need another reference or things are confusing.

Jessica Minnier and I have also co-authored the R-Bootcamp, which this material is based on. We’ll be covering very similar bases, but this is a self-paced option for those who want it. I do recommend at least sitting in on the first session of Ready for R before starting it:

Thanks again for your interest and I’ll do my best to help you in your journey to learning R.