Here’s your roadmap for the quarter!

  • Readings are supplemental to each lecture session
  • Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they are due
  • Class materials (slides, in-class activities, etc.) will be added on the day of class

Please note that this schedule is tentative. I want us to learn concepts, rather than have a lot of material.

Ready for R Reading Assignment Class
Part 1: Introduction to course/expectations, Intro to R/RStudio, Functions, Vectors, Data Types
Part 2: Loading Data, data.frames, and ggplot2
Part 3: ggplot2, factors, boxplots, dplyr: subsetting using filter()/select()
Part 4. dplyr: mutate(), group_by()/summarize()/across
Part 5. More about manipulating factors (forcats)/doing things with multiple tables/functions()
Part 8. Intro to stats/formulas/broom