Part 1: Introduction to R/RStudio

Materials from class on Thursday, April 9, 2020


Class Introduction

Open the class introduction slides in a separate window:

Post-Class Survey

Please fill out the following survey and we will discuss the results during the next class. All responses will be anonymous. Remember, filling this out counts as attendance.

  • Pace
  • Clearest Point: What was the most clear part of the lecture?
  • Muddiest Point: What was the most unclear part of the lecture to you?
  • Anything Else: Is there something you’d like me to know?

Muddiest Points

I’m not a programmer person so the concept of a programming environment is pretty mystifying. That said, it doesn’t stop me from applying what you’re teaching us, so no real worries there.

Stick with it!

The challenges since I lost where we were and had to back track all of the time to see where the instructor was.

Ok, I will do my best to announce which section we are on in the notebook.


We wil get to that today.

folder organization; projects vs notebooks?

We will talk about that today.